Try and Skip Trends in Weight Loss


    The 2018 year is considered a year of the newly weight loss health trends, and because not everything can make a difference for such a hard topic, we will give you some information about what to try and what to skip this year. Starting with the new 2018 trends to try, and they are as follows:


    Are a new trend to watch your activities, sleeping patterns and heartbeats, and these devices could easily be set, to help you reaching the fitness outcomes and goals you wish for.

    Those devices come in watches and bracelets among other things, and because people love technical gadgets, they became highly used and effective for that matter.

    Live Streaming Fitness Classes

    A newly trend in exercising is the online fitness classes that proved very worthy and effective, according to experts. Because this new trend can give you the workout you need according to your own convenience, it is now broadly used.

    Workplace Exercise

    Some agencies and companies started bringing exercise equipments as an option for employees to help them workout during working hours. Those equipments can help them exercise on a daily basis, and they come in physio-balls, and walking and standing desks.

    The new 2018 trends to skip are as follows:


    Coconut seems highly rated as a new weight loss food this year, some people are drinking Coconut Milk instead of the regular one, Coconut Water instead of water, and some gone to the extent of assuming that Coconut Oil is better than other types of vegetables oil. However, this is NOT true, because researches proved the fact that Coconut is full of Saturated Fat, which increases the risk factors for heart problems and diseases.

    Nuts Milk

    Nuts Milk, like Hazelnut Milk, Cashews Milk and Almonds Milk, became very popular this year, because they contain less calories than regular milk. Yet experts believe that these types of milk can help in losing weight but at the same time, it lacks the nutrients you get from the dairy regular milk. So according to experts, it is better to use Skimmed Milk or Soy Milk than Nuts Milk.

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