How To Use Lemon To Lose Weight?


Lemon recipe for weight loss

Lemon helps to lose weight, and can be made through this recipe, where you drink daily every morning on an empty stomach, and through the following components


  •   A small hanging of honey.
  •   Water Cup.
  •   Two small notes of lemon juice


  • Keeping water drinking is important in the health system; for those who do not like plain water, you can add some lemon, which helps to change the flavor without adding calories
  • Lemon prevents the body from gaining weight , As lemon juice with hot water in the morning supports the digestion process, and eating a few tablespoons of lemon juice before or during the meal helps reduce the blood response to the sugar in that meal, where lemon can be squeezed on some foods, such as salad or fish
  • Lemon water helps to cleanse the digestive system, reduce cravings for hunger because it contains pectin fibers, and lemon juice does not contain any calories, and helps to stop the love of unhealthy food
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 How to make lemon water

Fresh lemons are used to make lemon water, not artificial lemon. When lemon water is made, half a lemon is added and added to 335 mm of warm or cold boiling water. To be as healthy as possible, sterile water and natural lemon must be used, and ice cubes can be made of water Lemon is used by placing it in a glass of cold or hot water, as can add flavor to lemon water by adding what comes :

  • A slice of fresh ginger
  • A teaspoon of honey syrup
  • Some mint leaves.
  • A sprinkle of cinnamon.
  • Slices of oranges,
  • Or option slices.




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