General Tips For Quick Weight Loss


1. Take care to drink water and carry it with you wherever you go and take a sip even if you are thirsty and reduce the soft drinks and juices

2. Make the color of your dish more colorful. Add the cucumber, tomatoes, carrots and colored cabbage to your salad dish.

3. Refrain from junk food that is filled with unsaturated fats that increase your weight extraordinarily and in a fast time.

4. Some light exercises should be practiced with your diet, such as: walking, running, running and some homework.

5. Do not resort to starving yourself that will not benefit you in fat burning, but on the contrary, the process of starving yourself is very serious and unhealthy at all.

6. Eat slowly and give yourself 20 minutes to feel full after eating as the stomach needs a period to feel full.

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7. Do not resort to the balance every day to see the benefits of your weight may be fluctuating advised to use the balance once every two weeks to see how much you lost weight

8. Determine your goal and weight that you want to reach and always remember yourself and never give up and this will push you every time to progress in weight loss and near to achieve your goal and dream of an ideal body.

9. Stop drinking soft drinks containing many calories without the benefit of food as it does not contain any nutritional value and contain high amounts of sugar may be difficult for the body to deal with and turn into fat.

10. Eat fruits and vegetables between meals to avoid feeling hungry before the meal and thus avoid eating large amounts of food.

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11. You can also drink some herbal tea that helps in reducing weight by raising the fat burning ratio and working to fill the appetite, such as: ginger tea, green tea, chamomile, cinnamon, and drinking tea and coffee has a similar effect

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