What weight loss exercises ?


What weight loss exercises ?

The harder the exercise, the more calories you burn, but the faster you will get tired, so you have to balance your exercise. You have to know that the number of calories your body burns during exercise is affected by current weight, age, sex and heredity. , And the best aerobic 5 exercise for weight loss in the shortest possible time:

Jogging: Jogging is one of the most difficult and effective exercises in weight loss. The main muscles of the body work during jogging. The burning of the highest calorie must increase the speed, as well as jogging when the heights rise.

Jump rope: Jumping on the rope is one of the exercises that burn very large calories and lead to the movement of a large body of muscles, and it should be noted that ten minutes of jumping rope burns calories equal to twenty minutes of jogging.

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Swimming: Swimming helps to burn high amounts of calories and increase muscle strength, depending on the swimming speed and weight of the person.

Biking: can be regular cycling or hard bike, can raise the speed or climb the highlands by bike; to increase resistance, burn more calories.

Yoga: Some intensive yoga exercises help burn high calories and help increase concentration and deep breathing. This can improve sleep and relieve stress, as these are essential for weight loss.

Combining different types of high and low intensity exercises, yoga, etc. will give the best results, and it is also important to give the body a day of rest to regain muscle well-being and strength.


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