Weight loss after having baby


Weight loss after having baby

Our body has just undergone an incredible turmoil, ending in an unforgettable era: the birth and the long-awaited birth. Now, we are haunted by a question. How long does it take to lose all those pounds gained during pregnancy? What you need to know is now discussed through this article.

Postpartum: When can I reduce my excess weight?

When will I regain my weight before pregnancy? This is the question that all future mothers and young women pose to themselves. Many women managed to return their jeans just two months after giving birth. Despite the average weight gain of about 12 kg, many struggle to get rid of two small pounds, but we were said to lose weight faster when we were breastfeeding. In terms of weight and pregnancy, it is impossible to set rules because each woman differs from the other from the physical, hormonal and genetic point of view.

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How much weight will you lose?

The loss of kilos begins first by birth, but we do not expect miracles. Some women will tell us that when they returned home, the balance was less than ten tons. It can happen, but it is very rare. On average, with reducing meals and body fat, we will lose between 5 and 8 kilograms, including: baby weight (3.2 kg), placenta (600 to 800 grams), amniotic fluid (between 800 grams and 1 kg), and water.

Exercise is an important element to weight loss baby

Before we lose weight healthily, let's know why you get fat. Just think about it is that the amount of energy consumed (the amount of food) is greater than the amount of energy consumed (the amount of exercise). "Energy intake" is the energy that is taken into the body by eating. "Energy consumption" is the energy used to support life and daily activities / exercises. If the amount of energy becomes less than the energy consumption, everyone should slim down. Why do you become obese? It has many factors in changing it in the living environment. In eating habits, food is available 24 hours, less walking in the living environment, and the amount of exercise decreases. Unconsciously, the balance between ingestion and consumption has collapsed. Therefore, exercise and calorie reduction in food.

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