vegetarian weight loss diet


Despite the fact that there are countless diet methods in the world, it is said that new ways of weight loss can be launched one by one.

Of course, there are a lot of people who have lost weight by dieting seriously, but in the end it is a rebound. A diet based on vegetables is one of the most successful methods for who are overweight. Diabetics are guided to a vegetarian diet that takes fruits, grains, vegetables, nuts, low-fat yogurt a day, the other half is directed to make 50% of energy carbohydrates, 20%, a traditional low-calorie diet is taken 30% or less Fats.

How to follow “vegetarian weight loss” diet

Carbohydrates and sugar are thought to stop most of people who thought diet because it is ideal body type. However, according to a recently published study, the cosmopolitan American version reports that it seems to be "reducing the intake of meat" rather than sugar or calories, for the most effective weight loss.

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"vegetarian diet"

According to several studies published in the "vegetarian diet", it became clear that it can not only reduce weight more effectively but also will increase metabolism. 74 people were suffering from Type 2 diabetes vegetarians (= vegetarian diet) of cereals, vegetables, fruits and nuts, and had double food like regular meals. Usually with the system exercises for weight loss and exercises for walking about 3 kilometers, the average weight was 6.3 kg.

Also, note the vegetarian diet reduces muscle fat, so it will increase metabolism. According to many doctors who studied the patient's fatty tissue, they explained that "this is an important discovery for people in weight loss," so it is, but of course for "people syndrome of type 2 diabetes, control of weight is a serious discovery is meaningful to those who Tags, and those who want to maintain a healthy state. "

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