How to reduce my weight during pregnancy?

How to reduce my weight during pregnancy?
Pregnant women who are obese must take into account their diet during pregnancy and can work properly at the beginning of the fourth month; This diet depends on the type of food and not the quantity. Pregnant women can eat meat, chicken and fish, but in small quantities and non-fried, oils help to gain weight while not multiplying them, as well as can eat one egg boiled, preferably to eat the news brown, As well as daily fruits in the form of juice with many of them, vegetables are very useful for pregnant women, whether they are raw or cooked. The meal is about 250 grams (250) grams of most of any kind, while being careful to diversify the meal; and stop immediately when feeling full. It is recommended to drink plenty of milk skimmed milk because milk contains calcium useful and necessary for the development of the fetus, the rate of four cassettes a day equivalent to a full liter, but also at intervals rather than a single batch.
Pregnant women should avoid eating potatoes, macaroni of all kinds, rice and maize, as they contain high starches that cause unwanted weight gain, try to keep away from sweets as much as possible, they cause digestion and constipation of the holder, reduce salt in all the food you eat , As well as gaseous beverages containing caffeine and nuts of all kinds; and any products containing raw eggs such as ice cream. It should be noted that pregnancy is not the right time for women to start taking care of themselves and try to reduce their weight, it is supposed to be this daily practice in maintaining the body and weight, as the attention to children is the first priority for women in this period.
All of this will contribute to weight loss during pregnancy gradually, properly and safely.
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