How to reduce excess weight during pregnancy?


How to reduce excess weight during pregnancy?

In this article I will give you 12 tips to reduce your excess weight during pregnancy safely and without the need for regimens.
1- Avoid fatty foods
Do not reduce the amount of food during your pregnancy to reduce your body weight is enough to avoid eating fatty foods so as not to affect negatively the health of the fetus and your health, too, and follow the same thing in infancy.
2- Diversity of protein sources
Take care of the variety of sources of protein and distributed throughout the week, eating meat two days and fish two days and chickens two days and was invited one day to eat legumes, such as beans and lentils.
3- the salt
Do not indulge in salt in your food or eat pickles frequently because this will cause the retention of fluids in your body and this problem is exposed to many women in pregnancy.
4- water
Drink plenty of water, and the higher the quantity, the better. You should know that your body needs water from the color of your urine. If it is yellow, it means that your body is dry and the water helps your body. In the disposal of liquids that are trapped within it, which contributes to the gradual decrease in weight.
5- Avoid fried foods
Avoid eating or reducing fried foods as well as sweets because they contain large amounts of calories that contribute to weight gain.
6- Fast food
If you want to eat fast food Vakhtari that contain low amounts of calories.
7- Milk skimmed
Eat low-fat or skimmed milk and avoid eating whole fat.
8- Starches
Do not exaggerate the intake of carbohydrates because it is one of the causes of obesity, including rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, cake and biscuits.
9- Vegetables
Eat vegetables, especially paper, as well as fresh fruits.
10- hot drinks
Eat hot drinks such as herbs such as mint, anise, jujube and coriander and do not add sugar.
11- Whole grains 
Eat whole grains because they contain fibers that prevent you from getting constipation and prevent you from certain diseases such as hemorrhoids.
12- Soft drinks
Avoid drinking soft drinks and industrial sweetener because it prevents your body from absorbing calcium and vitamin D, which lead to bone weakness and skeletal deformity.
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