What are the needed calories to lose weight ?


What are the needed calories to lose weight ?

Its known that there are needed calories to lose weight. There is a specific number of calories a person needs during his or her day according to the size of the activity performed by the individual. We derive energy from our diet: nutrients are transferred to the body's cells in the digestive system after they are separated and decomposed. This releases the necessary energy. They are measured in kilograms (kilojoules) or calories (kcal). Kilocalories are 4,184 kilojoules. However, calories are an old measurement unit and have been replaced by scientific use by the Joule. In everyday language, calories are still used frequently.

MET = metabolic equivalent

The Metabolic Equivalent (MET) can be used to determine the energy consumption of individual activities - from sleep to work to the office to sport. If we stay still and do not move, we consume exactly one MET per hour. This is called the resting metabolic rate. Sleep burns a little less energy (0.95 MET).

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vegetarian weight loss is successful

vegetarian weight loss diet will help you to specify the needed calories. Just eat more vegetables. Especially raw food. The recommendation for vegetables is three servings a day. Here, the sugar content is much lower. Carrots and peppers also have a sweet taste and provide a healthy supplement of vitamins and minerals as well as valuable dietary fiber.

During your day you need 1500 calories so you can get rid of excess weight, while exercising. You need more than 2,000 calories to increase your weight if you are thin. However, if we have a whole series of articles dedicated to the subject, they will not be perfect for you if you are not going on diet seriously! Not from the point of view of health, nor from the point of view of the final appearance. Because diet, the important thing is not only to lose weight, it is the loss of fat block especially, and retain the maximum mass to obtain a harmonious silhouette.

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