Lemonade Diet Tips –Everything You Need To Know


Basically the diet is a fasting period where the person is only allowed to intake lemon juice as a supplementary drink.

It is a ow calorie 10 day liquid diet program which helps the body in the process of detoxification. This is to flush out all the toxins and fats in the body. It started out as a diet to clean out the body and return it to its healthier state but in recent years it has also become a weight loss program.

Beyoncé had even claimed she used the Lemonade Diet to reduce 20 pounds as preparation for her role in the movie Dream girls.

Closer Look At The Lemonade Diet

So what can you eat when you are in the lemonade diet? You cannot eat. It is a fasting period and it is a high quality liquid diet so you won’t really be eating anything at all but ingesting only liquids. You are required to drink from 6 glasses of lemon juice to 12 per day. You’ll also be ingesting maple syrup, water, and a little bit of cayenne pepper.

Sometimes it is recommended to include salt water drinks and herbal laxatives as well. However, enemas and colonics are not recommended due to the weaker state of the body during the fasting period.

Effects Of The Lemonade Diet – Best Lemonade Diet Tips

The priority of the lemonade diet is to flush out toxins. This is because this diet is rich in antioxidants and micronutrients that can cling to toxins and fats and flush them out of your body. Many say that a single banana can do the same thing since it contains all the nutrients that six glasses of lemonade contains but they forget about one factor: hunger.

You can eat one banana but a few hours later you’ll be hungry and be forced to eat a full meal. Lemonade dietary drinks are taken in a regular schedule throughout the day and since they are liquids they can eliminate the feeling of hunger, making it possible to complete a few days of fasting. However you could still experience nausea, dizziness, and a vomiting on a few occasions.

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This is because the body may not be immediately used to fasting, especially since the diet includes no heavy meals or meat. This can be overcome during the second and third day when the body adjusts to the liquid diet. Getting out of the diet also requires slow adjustment and soup is introduced first before the person can go back to eating solid meals.

Lemonade Diet Tips – Is Lemonade Diet Effective?

You can only take the Lemonade Diet for several days, with some accounts going to ten days at most, and only for three to four times a year but it is very effective.

You can clean out your body of toxins and lose a significant amount of weight with the Lemonade Diet so long as you follow its strict conditions.

Many celebrities have followed the diet and have lost a good amount of weight while also cleansing out their bodies and you may want to follow suit as well.

Lemonade diet, sometimes coined as the Master Cleanser or The Master cleanse, is generally a low calorie 10 day liquid diet program which helps the body in the process of detoxification. The diet is coined so as it assist in flushing out the toxic contents which lies deep within the body system. After its inclusion in the diet plan in 1940, this diet was primarily used in soothing peptic ulcers. Later it was also found out that the benefits of this diet could also be included in a weight loss program along with curing health ailments and uncomplicated disorders like unnecessary heart burn, depression and mental pressure and disturbance.

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During this diet, solid food intakes are prohibited. But this diet also includes the intake of herbal laxative tea or salt water flush which also has some laxative effects. After the diet plan is over, the person should slowly ease back into the process of eating solids, starting with vegetable soup, and then followed by eating fruits and vegetables. Though there are positive pointers for following the Lemonade Diet, there are also some negative issues leading to health hazards so be very careful before you start or continue with this Diet.

To Quickly Sum Up The Effects, Pros And Cons Of The Lemonade Diet, See Below:

The Pros Of This Lemonade Diet Can Be Listed As Follows:

  • Natural or the Master Cleanser: As the name suggests, thelemonade diet contains potential detoxification benefits because the diet plan helps in the process of cleansing and purification. Also the herbal diet helps to clear the digestive track and eliminate the toxins from the body. It also helps to remove the hardened material from the joints, purifying the cells, cleansing the kidney and alleviating the pressure in the blood vessels.
  • Improving the skin texture: Thelemonade diet is well known for improving the skin texture for more clear and glowing skin. In addition to the detoxification process, the diet helps to remove the impurities from the skin and waste matter which causes skin problems like acne, blackheads, cysts, blackheads and nodular rashes.
  • Issues of overweight is solved: Since the lemonade is the main ingredient in the Lemonade Diet, this is a great diet to follow if you are looking for an appetite suppressor. The drink would satiate the hunger cravings of a person, as it does not make one feel hungry neither does it encourage one to develop hunger pangs like other diets that promote the body into going in starvation mode. According to a survey, it is also found out that excessive calorie reduction will result in a weight loss.
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The Lemonade Diet Cons Can Be Described As Follows:

  • Aches in Body and head: The diet lacks in a lot of nutrients, and that is a reason for the most uncomfortable symptom a person goes through having aches in the body. As the nutrients required to sustain the diet are absent, a person may feel weak and inactive for few days after the starting of the diet. But the effect of this weakness is temporary in nature.
  • Discomfort in Stomach: Since there is no intake of any solid component during this period, a person may experience the pain and hollowness at the pit of the stomach. A person generally feels sick during this time due to the fact that the body is undergoing a treatment process, where the system is being regenerated after the toxins and other wastes are being flushed out. This a general con which exists in the body and the person gets used to it after a few days.
  • Nutrition deficiencies: Since the diet lacks a lot of nutritional deficiency like vitamins and minerals, it may not be suitable for a person who cannot adapt to this deficiency in the diet as it would lead to health problems.
  • Risk of tooth decay: The maple syrup content of the lemonade adds to consumption of more amount of sugar content which can cause dental problems also.

Final Conclusion On The Lemonade Diet

The Lemonade diet, in general, has both positive and negative effects and can be responsible for improving the quality of the body if carried out in moderation. Many nutritionists have found little evidence that the diet program helps in removing the toxins and wastes from the body. It is not advisable for pregnant women and those who are on medication to follow the diet program. One should always consult the prescribed dietitian before starting this Lemonade Diet program.


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