How do I lose weight after birth?


How do I lose weight after birth?

As a result of hormonal changes in addition to breastfeeding, women begin to look for different ways and means to lose weight and regain their normal weight. Nutritionists and doctors have developed a range of tips to help reduce weight and regain weight. Without affecting her health, specifically if she breastfeeds her baby; in this article I will remind you the best tips for weight loss after childbirth.

1- Make sure to prepare your food through healthy methods, the most important of which is barbecuing, regular cooking using the oven, or through steam, and avoiding the food.

2- Be careful to use olive oil in an appropriate amount, and avoid using other oils, even if I had to use them but in small quantities.

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3- Try to keep your meals between two to three hours.

4- Try to choose meals with calories up to 400 calories. You can add small, light meals between the main meals to 100 or 200 calories, so that the digestive system can digest food quickly and efficiently and thus burn more calories.

5- Make sure your meals contain an adequate amount of calcium, and you can get it by eating milk and dairy products.

6- Eat foods that contain the right amounts of proteins, specifically fat-free, because it gives a sense of fullness for a longer period, and it helps to grow muscles and thus get a lean texture.

7- Eat omega-3 foods, which are found in fish, especially sardines.

8- Drinking plenty of water gives a feeling of fullness and helps burn calories and dissolve fat.

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If you follow all these tips dear you will lose weight after delivery and you will reach the result of your satisfaction.


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