How to get rid of the abdomen after birth?

How to get rid of the abdomen after birth?
Here are some tips to help you get rid of your belly after childbirth.
1- Walking is one of the easiest exercises that can be performed after birth; to get rid of rumen and excess weight, women can go out on a simple stroll, and to achieve more benefits can carry the child in the front bag; to add more weight, can walk back, Or in a winding way; to keep your muscles alert.
2- The abdomen can be exercised by lying on the back, flexing the knees up with feet on the ground, inhaling, lifting the pelvis slowly and exhaling, keeping the shoulders touching, the upper back of the floor during exercise, moving the pelvis only, then back To the starting position again, and repeating three groups of fifteen times.
3- Breastfeeding helps especially in the first months after childbirth to get rid of the rumen. Mothers who rely on breastfeeding burn more calories to produce milk and thus lose weight from pregnancy faster than mothers who are breastfed.
4- Eating vegetables and fruits helps to eat more vegetables, fruits, dairy products, skimmed milk, and fat-free proteins to get rid of rumen after birth, taking into account avoiding starvation of the body or neglect of eating some diets, especially if the mother depends on breastfeeding; Slows neglect, or skips meals, metabolism, and thus delays the process of disposal of the abdomen due to birth.
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