Eating Healthy During Pregnancy – Some Important Diet Tips


Eating Healthy During Pregnancy - Some Important Diet Tips

Once you find out about your pregnancy, it becomes very crucial for you to ensure eating well and healthy. The risks and complications would be on the rise if one doesn't eat well. This article would tell you the right intake every pregnant woman must ascertain.

At an outset, a pregnant woman should never forget to eat at least 300 calories more a day after she hits around the second trimester. The extra energy required for the growth of your baby comes in from the extra calories to take in. These calories would not give the right to chow every food in the line of site. It is just about 300 calories which is coming along. One banana or a glass of milk equals about a 100 calories. Similarly, about half a cup of grapes, a slice of whole wheat bread with an ounce of cheese would be about 200 calories. Check how much more you eat in this manner than choosing to eat a donut on its behalf.

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Proteins are very much essential for any pregnant woman. A minimum of at least three servings of proteins is required per day. This could be either received from three glasses of milk, or 2 cups of yoghurt and 3 ounces of cheese. Proteins could be brought into your body by varied patterns of intake. They are quite rich in amino acids which contribute in building the baby tissue to a maximum extent.

Next, during the pregnancy tenure, one would require at least 4 servings of calcium. Calcium assists in building the baby's bones and teeth, along with protection to the woman carrying the unborn. Milk, of course, is the rich source of calcium; however, it could also be acquired from yoghurt, cheese and even ice creams.

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A pregnant woman needs to get about four servings of vitamin C. This is rich in fruits and vegetables. During pregnancy one needs to ascertain to have ample servings of green leafy and yellow vegetables and equivalent fruits. The body cannot store Vitamin C, and therefore, the intake should be on daily basis as a fresh supply to the body. Fruits and vegetables would not just supply the required Vitamin C, but would maintain a healthy diet too.

At least two servings of vegetables and fruits needs to be taken every day and this should not be merely for the Vitamin A or Vitamin C reason. Vegetables and fruits are essential for healthy lifestyle. Bananas, Apples and onions are a few of them which must never be ignored. About six or more servings of legumes and whole grains are required too. These comprise of Vitamin B and E and would assist in battling constipation. Whole wheat bread, brown rice and pop corns would also act as supplement in your diet.

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Iron is one most significant nutrient you would require especially when pregnant. The iron demand is always on the rise during pregnancy. A woman should ensure to maintain enough iron levels in the body in the pregnancy tenure. If she thinks there is some deficiency occurring with regards to iron, a doctor would be the best to guide a few iron supplements to maintain the requirement. Lack of enough iron could lead to anemia.

Eating healthy and well is essential for everyone in general. However, pregnancy would require you to eat well as a mandatory rule as it is considered with two interests


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