Dotties Weight Loss Zone


Dotties Weight Loss Zone "must have been heard somewhere. The diet zone is close to the ideal nutritional balance.

This diet zone was invented by Dr. Barry Sears in Boston University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, biochemist. It is a diet method that reduces the risk of chronic diseases by reducing inflammation caused by diet and reduces weight.

Just in the zone

According to Dr. Sears "Dotties Weight loss " is said to be the state where the body can suppress inflammation. This can be confirmed by examining three clinical markers using test kits at hospitals or websites. It is the value of insulin and hormone causing inflammation to check at this time. By keeping the body in this zone state, it seems to be said that we can lose weight from 500 g to 1 kg in one week.

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Dotties Weight Loss Zone

Dotties Weight Loss Zone tends to be a popular diet, but in reality it has existed for thirty years ago, and three related books are also best selling books of the New York Times. However, in 2018, in the ranking of US News & World Report's Best Diet Ranking, ranked 22nd among 40 diets. In other words, although this ranking has no negative impact on health, it suggests that it is not necessarily the best option.

Dotties Weight Loss Zone reduces body weight by suppressing inflammation, but how does inflammation originally relate to weight? Inflammation is how much the body's immune system can protect the body from strange outside matters . However, foreign bodies such as allergens are also contained in the air and food, which reacts in the body and causes inflammation.

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According to a scientific paper, we refer to obesity as a low level of chronic inflammatory state, indicating that increasing inflammatory proteins leads to weight gain in future.


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