How do I continue weight loss exercises ?


How do I continue weight loss exercises ?

Weight loss needs to increase movement regardless of the type of exercise performed by the person, and it is important that this movement is regular and continuous with a healthy diet, and it is also important to enjoy the exercise; so that the person can adhere to it, and get the desired results, in this article I will give you 4 tips to continue weight loss exercises:

1: Exercise with someone else to encourage.

2: Specify specific times for exercise.

3: Do not exercise above a person's ability; most people will hurt themselves in the first week, and then stop exercising.

4: Record the time spent practicing; to help achieve the weekly goal.

These are the top four tips for continuing weight loss exercises, if you can apply them and follow them you will get the desired results and you will lose weight in a short time.

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What do you know about weight chart?

BMI is the most beneficial indicator of health risks associated with overweight and underweight. For her account, you can use the link below. But it's also possible to use a simple table, called a "chart grid" or a "table." This article lists useful information about what kind of systems you'll be able to follow.

Weight chart will help you in your way to the ideal weight 

The ideal weight ... do you know him? Do you know what it is? This is the weight that one feels comfortable. Each person has his own according to his size, gender, age, morphology ... so it is useless to compare with his girlfriends! Before starting a diet and following a weight chart against pounds, calculate them in a simplified way.

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This formula aims to improve the style and way of life of individuals. This is because they take into account the morphology of individuals, size and age too! And then they are completely complete. However, it does not take into account the sex of individuals. The ideal weight calculated using this formula for a person with a "wide" morphology is increased by 10% compared to a person with "normal" morphology, and decreased to a person with a "thin" morphology of 10%. Thus, this formula seems to be well studied, but the concepts of "ordinary", "fat" and "high" people are simple and easy for those who wish to follow and start changing their lifestyle for the better.

  • For an individual with a "normal" morphology:

Ideal weight (in kg) = Size (in cm) - 100 + [Age (in years) / 10] × 0.9

  • For an individual with a "wide" morphology:
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Ideal weight (in kg) = Size (in cm) - 100 + [Age (in years) / 10] × 0.9 x 1.1

  • For an individual with a "soft " morphology:

Ideal weight (in kg) = Size (in cm) - 100 + [Age (in years) / 10] × 0.9 x 0.9

Have you got your result? Do not try to get that ideal weight at all costs. The important thing is to stay in an "ideal range" that equates to plus or minus 10% of that weight.


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