How does breastfeeding help to lose weight?


How does breastfeeding help to lose weight?

First, a woman must realize that her weight after birth depends on her weight before she is pregnant, that she can control her weight during pregnancy at a certain rate. After birth and when breastfeeding comes, breastfeeding should be considered one of its most important priorities, The mother's milk is ideal for feeding the child because it contains all the essential nutrients necessary for the health of the child. As for breastfeeding and weight loss, there are a number of facts related to this subject, including the following:
-According to several studies, the woman's body returns to normal after the sixth month of birth because your body stores fat in the first six months to meet your child's needs and is equivalent to three to four kilograms.
- You should first realize that breastfeeding regulates your body's hormones, thus helping your uterus to return to its normal size and position.
- Lactation also burns a large number of calories, and therefore the consumption of excess body fat, the average calories burned through breastfeeding between 200 to 500 calories per day.
- Do not resort to any food allergies during the first two months of your birth, even if these diets are under the supervision of a specialist doctor; to avoid affecting your milk and therefore affect your child, but you must take into account healthy habits in nutrition.
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