Baby weight loss successfully


After having babies , many mothers decide, lose many pounds to find her body before ... what they did brilliantly! How did they do that? What are their small tips for losing weight quietly? Discover their testimony!

How to lose baby weight

After having a baby , many mothers gain extra weight, their diet changes significantly, they can not wear jeans or run like before. You may feel upset by the clothes. So looking for an effective way to lose weight is good; worth it.

First of all, weight gain or loss is associated with morphology: many people who have given birth have told us that they have not had any weight problems in their lives. However, after pregnancy, they had about 12 or 13 lbs to lose ... The pelvis was enlarged significantly.

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Weight loss after baby: activity is the key!

Most women before pregnancy and childbirth may be very active, with lots of projects and wishes for hiking; most of them would like to move even in the winter. This has helped a lot to lose weight after the birth of children. Then, no time for boredom!

If there is sport allowed immediately after birth, you will be walking! Accessible to everyone, walking by pushing a stroller allows you to resume physical activity smoothly ... giving fun to the entire family. Not to mention that many muscles are begged while walking the baby (buttocks and legs).

Burn calories:

One hour of slow walking through walking in a baby stroller can burn up to 200 calories.

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The good sign here is that, after birth, breastfeeding remains one of the most effective ways to lose weight. For good reasons, fats accumulated during pregnancy is specifically intended for use in breast milk production. For lactating mothers, burn calories comfortably while sharing a special moment with your child. But remember that no diet during breastfeeding!


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